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You can get more fun on the grill when you have the right grilling accessories. If you use the inferior or inappropriate barbecue utensils to cook, it will let you be disappointed and even lead to burning food, what’s worse, drop the food on the floor. Don’t be silly, don’t think you can cook a steak when you’re on the barbecue by using the standard forks or basting brushes. If you use these to cook, your hands will be burned, the skin will be scared and it will be difficult to get your roast on and off the grill.

When you hold the barbecue utensils in your hands designed specifically for grilling, you can make your job easier. Here come the basic grill accessories which every grill-master should have. You can easily get all the grilling accessories in online stores such as the


Personally, my favorite and most versatile of grilling utensil is the tong. You can use a good pair of sturdy barbecue tongs to add and remove food from your grill, if you can have a little practice, you can easily move and flip things on your grill. You must want to make your food integrated and beautiful. So, if someone use the scissor or knife to cut all, you’ll get angry and even drop the food.

So a good tongs can let you grip on your food steadily without crushing the most delicate foods. They have a gripping edge that you can hold on so that you can’t cut into meats. But not anything is perfect, some dishes can’t use tongs to enjoy, such as fish and other more delicate or thin food, if you want to enjoy these kinds of food, you may try some other barbecue utensils, that will benefit you. You can easily grip on your food with a good pair of tongs.

You should find a pair of tongs which fits your hands so that you can reach to the deep into grill and can’t touch the fire. If you have a lot of cooking to do, you may not want a pair of heavy tongs to be held in your hands, so, you can choose a light one for your barbecue.

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Spatula — If you want to lift food to flip or remove on the grill carefully, you should own a wonderful spatula which doesn’t need loads of funny little gadgets on it.

It’s not like a pair of tongs which can grab those heavy food such as steaks, chicken and roasts, a spatula is really good for thinner and more delicate grilled food. As what I said above, fish meat is easy to flake and break apart when they’re cooked. If you use a pair of tongs to grab a fish fillet, skin, you’ll tear it apart!

It’s the same as grabbing some soft vegetables. You can gently slide beneath your food and lift it away from the grill with a splendid spatula, that’s all it needs to do. It can also help you get the food that is somewhat stuck to the grill, so you can gently scoot it under the food to remove it slightly. If you use a pair of tongs to do that will tear it apart.

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Fork — When I’m alone at home, I never use my barbecue fork. There is a barbecue myth that you should never use a fork on meats that you grill. However, if you pair it with some other barbecue utensils, such as tongs, you hold a pair of tongs in your dominant hand and a fork in the other, you will find it’s easier to control in manipulating foods on your grill.

If you only use one hand to flip or remove large awkwardly shaped meats like a whole bird, it looks clumsy, and if you aren’t careful enough, it may drop on the ground. You can do what you want with the tongs and fork pairing. If you own a nice fork with a good, 18-inch handle and the classic two-prong design, you can flip a stack of chops easily and quickly.

I also test the thick pieces of meat for doneness with the fork by poking them. It should be clear when you poke the chicken or pork deeply, the fluid from the meat run out, and if it still needs time to cook, it will be red or pink.

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Basting Brush — When you’re cooking meats, like a whole roast chicken over indirect heat, which are cooked for an extended period of time on the grill, basting is the best choice to keep your food moist and flavorful. It can help add a nice delicious caramelized glaze on the surface, that operation is delicate.

When you want to apply your basting liquid, a basting brush is a great option. There are a couple things you need to consider: Firstly, the size: the standard kitchen basting brush isn’t one of the barbecue utensils. It’s short and you’ll burn your hands and sear your skin if you try to baste your roast thoroughly.

Barbecue basting brushes allow you to baste your food without hurting yourself in the process as comfortable as you use your other barbecue utensils and it’s much longer than the one in kitchen. Secondly, the improvise: to improvise a basting brush is actually beneficial in some cases.

Personally, I often take the fresh herbs out of the whole branches to make a herb brush tied to a skewer or long handle, when using whole fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme, and savory to cook. In this way, it can let you use a natural, flavor-infusing mix of herbs to baste your food and enhance the flavors not only by the basting mixture but also by the herbs.

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Grill Cleaning Brush — every parties have the end, and after the party you need to do is to clean up. It’ll be harder to get off later and can corrode your grill faster if you leave caked-on, charred food bits on your grill grate. The mission of a grill cleaning brush as a barbecue utensil is making clean-up easy.

You can also use oil-infused grill wipes to wipe your grill brush and wipe down your cooking grate. Most grill brushes are made with metal bristles is one of the notes that needs to think about. Metal bristles can damage the coating with porcelain-coated grill grate.

Type — there are too many types of barbecue basting brush. Generally, we have two types in the market. One is standard brushes which are similar in size and look like a paintbrush; the other one is specifically designed basting brushes which have fewer, thicker bristles and usually made from plastic or rubber, it’s easy to pick up and spread thick sauces on your grilling foods with the larger, sparser and more flexible bristles.

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