How to choose Grill Grates

Barbecue in your backyard is enjoyable. Grill grates are definitely one of the most important of all grill accessories. Without a grate, you may don’t know where to put your food! When buying a grill, there always comes with at least one perfectly serviceable grate which is perfectly suitable for that grill.

Most grill companies produce replacement grates for their different types of grills. Here I want to ask you a few things. Do you satisfy about your grill? Do you feel the need for extra grates? Do you want to upgrade your grill? Upgrading the grill does not mean you need to buy a new grate.

Don’t bother to buy a new one. Just buy new grates is enough. So here I would like to say something about grill grates. After reading my words, hope you can find a perfectly suitable grate for your grill.

There are three aspects you need to pay attention to. They are the material type, the shape of the grate and if the grate is hinged.


Material Type

You can buy grates made of different materials in the market. But the most common grate material is stainless steel. This kind of grate is easy to get in any place which sells grills. You can use it to cook any food you like because it resists sticking and conducts heat relatively well. If available and you need

There is another popular grate—enameled grill grates. These are pretty good at reducing sticking of food. However, it is really difficult to clean them. As you can imagine using a metal bristled brush to clean enameled grates can easily scratch the enamel. If the enamel is damaged, food will stick much more readily. And you may be desperate when you see that. So when you can’t clean these grates, using hair or other stiff, non-metal bristled brushes for sure.


 Typically, there are two kinds of shape. One is round, the other is rectangular. There is nothing particularly better about one size than the other. So if you want a new grate, you just need to consider the size. Obviously, if you have around a grill, you need around grill grate.

One thing you need to keep in mind if you are intending to use a grate over a fire pit. While most fire pits are round, I suggest you find and use a rectangular grate. The reason is obvious, the rectangular one leaves openings on either side so that you can tend the fire while you are cooking.

Where to get it

The first place I recommend you to find is the same company that you bought your grill from. There you are most likely to find an exact match your grill and it will also save your time and do not bother thinking other things. Many companies produce different grills that have different material or have a hinged grate.

So this may cause a problem when they don’t produce the kind of grate you need. But if you buy the grill from a big company like Weber, sometimes you could find a selection of replacement grates in stores where the grills are sold. If all else fails, contact the company directly and ask them what replacement grates they sell and where to get them. If you know exactly what kind you need, you can just buy it on

The easiest and fastest way is to check the stock of replacement grates from a local grill retailer. If you try everything and you can’t find one to fit your grill. The last way is to find a local metal worker if you have no option. It is relatively easy for an experienced metal worker to build a grate that suite your grill. Hope these can help you.

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