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Here at outdoorfeeds, we are looking for outdoor cooking enthusiasts, recipe writers, experienced backpackers, and cast iron cooking experts to share their recipes and cooking guides or camping experiences through writing for us. If you have an idea for articles on the topics mentioned above, we would love to hear from you.

Outdoor cooking gurus, campers, and backpackers can offer first hand experiences on these topics and we love anecdotal information, handy tips and funny stories that people are willing to share. The majority of our audience is from North America, but we have readers all over the world, including Canada, Australia and the UK.

Writing Guidelines

We have some guidelines for articles to be accepted here at outdoorfeeds.com

  • First and foremost, we accept original pieces of work only – if you have published an article somewhere else we will not publish it here.There would be exceptions for those who would like to re-work on their articles here, but any submissions will be checked for plagiarised content.
  • The minimum number of words for an article is generally 800 words. We do make exceptions, depending on the topic, so feel free to get in touch and we can discuss this further.
  • Articles should communicate well with our English speaking audience. If your article is not grammatically correct or of a high enough standard of English, we reserve the right to refuse to publish it.

What should I write about?

Guest Writers generally write about anything to do with Outdoor Cooking techniques, Outdoor Cooking recipes and product recommendations for cooking with fire. We will also accept articles on Camping, backpacking, and hiking.

Can I post the article on my own site after its published here?

We, unfortunately, do not allow articles published on our site to be published somewhere else. You can publish a small part of the article on your site like a third or a quarter of the article with a totally new introduction and link back to the article on outdoorfeeds. We also encourage writers to do some publications on the social media to promote the article. We are happy to include a bio that tells readers who you are and where they can find you within your article page.

How often can I write?

Life is unpredictable. We would much rather high quality content that comes in less frequently that a flood of shallow, poor quality articles. Quality over quantity, always.

Pitch your Article (Contact Us).

Get in touch with us about your idea for an article including a proposed title for the article that you would like to write for us and publish on outdoorfeeds.
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