6 Smoking Meat Secrets for Barbecue

6 smoking meat secrets for you to make best smoking meat!

Smoking Meat Secrets for Barbecue

It is a season to go outside and barbecue. I love Outdoor cooking and my Smoking meat always drives my friends crazy. I have to say one of life’s greatest pleasures is a rack of perfectly smoked Barbecue ribs. Whether you like pork, chicken or beef, dry rib rubs or wet, the secrets here you need to know if you want to cook best Smoking meat for your friends or families.

Great Meat


The quality of the meat is a important factor to cook meat, it will make a big difference and we prefer “Prime” or “Choice” grades of beef because of its beautiful marbling. You can get the wonderful flavor that we need! The more fat, the better it tastes! Health-wise, if you do not make high-fatted beef a frequent staple, you will be fine.

Smoking meat

Smoking meat


Spare Ribs, Country Style or Baby Back Ribs?  It’s your choice! It’s all good but we prefer traditional spareribs for our smoker recipes. Whatever you use, be sure it is fresh!

Smoking meat

Smoking meat


When smoking meat, those yard birds are unbeatable for flavor! The birds should range freely, and they have plenty of fresh water, exercise, and scratch the ground at will, with lots of grain for the peckin’. A good eatin’ bird will go to market at over 180 days, now the chicken is fast grown, some of them is at about 80 days. You can buy the most recent dated package, suck it in, and we can make it taste great anyway!

Smoking meat

Smoking meat


There is a better flavor with a free range or a turkey fed organic feed. To say nothing of the potential health benefit. These turkeys are available both fresh and frozen. Size matters! If you have a big bird, then you can simply cut the legs and thighs from the breast and smoke them alongside. We’ve tried it, and it does work great. Whatever you use, freshness is the most important!

Smoking meat

Smoking meat

Great Spices

Great spices is absolutely important in smoking meat! Use the best quality, and freshest spices as possible as you can. It will be a huge difference between the “buck a bottle” spices, and the top quality stuff.

Great Tools

We use great meat and great spices but sometimes our smoking meat isn’t tasty and flavorful at all. This may caused by the tools when use. So you need great tools. I use the following criteria for our favorite backyard smoker: Ease of use, ease of cleaning, portability and excellent value.

A good oven thermometer is a must when you are smoking meat. As for tongs, long and strong is the key! If your BBQ set didn’t come with a good pair. Both are strong stainless steel construction, and long enough to keep your paws out of the fire! Chimney Starter – For the charcoal grill folks, this is the best way to start, and maintain, the coals.

If you’ve never used one of these ingenious tools, you’re going to love the experience! It will help you to make perfect smoking meat.

Smoking meat

Smoking meat

Heat Control

Controlling the heat is important when you are smoking meat. All great barbecue recipes are based on controlling the heat! Using a darn good oven and meat thermometer. Checking that meat! Taking advantage of an “instant read” meat thermometer to ensure safe minimum temperature.


The timing is directly related to temperature and we all know how important it is. The lower the heat, the longer to cook! Lie. Whether maintaining heat control or not is based on the timing on the meat’s internal heat, period. This barbecue tip could have been titled, “Patience”.


The smoke gives the meat that incredible, make-your-tongue-want-to-beat-your-brains-out flavor

When smoking any meat, please remember that always using only seasoned hardwood chips or chunks, like hickory, Cherry, Oak, Cherry, Maple, Cherry, etc., to suit your taste. Generally these are readily available, in season, wherever barbecue accessories are sold, and we have found all to be good. Not to use softwoods such as the conifers fir, pine, spruce, cedar, etc. They are bitter tastes and even some trees, bushes and shrubs are toxic to human.

That’s it, follow these 6 secret steps and you’ll make smoking ribs like a pro.

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