Tent Heaters: Have a warm camping experience

Camp experience is full of great memories, but there are also some nightmare make camping become a torture. One of the problems is the temperature in wilds is more lower then urban because there is no heat radiation from vehicle and engines. Energy of industrial producing is heating the whole city steadily and the skyscrapers standing in the city stop the wind from bring heats away and weaken them. And if you are less experienced camper, maybe you will tremble in your tent and curse the frozen surrounding.

If you once be put in that position, you will carry more blankets instead of a single sleep bag to support you get over the long cold night. How lovely if you can sleep in the splendid scenery and also enjoy the warmness like you lying at the side of burning oven. Actually the oven is too bulky to carry, and ultralight oven can not offer you the comfortable dreaming land. And you can never put your campfire in your tent due to the poisonous smoke after embers were burnt out.

But today we have more choice to carry with when we plan to have a camp party. More and more tents heaters are invented to meet the needs of campers. The kinds of tent heaters can be defined by the energy to run them. All of them are safe tent heaters that have gone through thousands of tests. The main stream of tent heaters is propane tent heaters and battery powered tents heaters. The woodstove is also popular among people. So if you want to escape from the killing cruel night torture of coldness in long darkness at the wilds, you can choose a tent heater for camping in my lists. And I promise you they can totally change your opinion on campfire and over night in the wilds.

cold in camping

cold in camping

Type of Heaters for Tent Camping

The variety of resource of energy decides the kinds of heaters for tent camping. Commonly, we can find propane tent heater and battery powered tent heater on the shelf. And if you search the shop carefully you will find more heaters for camping like oils filled radiators and halogen heaters, wood burned stove or gas heaters. And I will introduce these tent heaters one by one to analyze the advantages and bad part of them. The common thing of these heaters is that they are safe tent heaters under proper operations.

  1. The battery powered tent heater

To use a battery powered tent heater properly, you should first charge it before you take it away with you. The numerous advantages are listed. Firstly, the electric heater won’t make any noise when you sleep instead of like an oven always make sounds when embers are burning. And  the battery powered tent heater never need the hooked-up so it is very convenient for those guys who only spend in wilds for several days. When the electricity stored in the battery is ran out, your tent heater will become an useless garbage and coldness comes to you again. So this product is suitable for those people who only stay in wilds for short periods. Be honestly, the effect and functions to generate heat and radiation is not as good as some other larger heaters. The main advantage of radiative heaters is that the infrared radiation they produce is absorbed directly by clothing and skin, without first heating the air in the space. This makes them suitable for warming people in poorly insulated rooms, or even outdoors. It also allows for greater distance between the people and heater.

Propane tent heater

Propane tent heater

  1. Propane tent heater

The propane tent heater is easy to use and the only thing to limit it is the storage of the propane. You can bring a large amount of cans of propane with you. But pay attention to the temperature of your car’s inside, because the propane is a kind of dangerous chemical material which should be stored properly. When the condition reach some level like high-temperature, the gas of propane may escape from the container and lead to lethal explosion which may destroy half block. But you don’t have to worry about it because the industry of compaction is developing far from your imagination. What I warn is just for the old can and broken capsules. Actually the heat that generate by burning chemical is the most effective one of all of these equipments. I take propane tent heater as my favorite one because it can deal with all of the situation no matter the period you spend is long or not. Some stove and oven can be provided by the can of propane too, that’s mean you can carry a series of tools for camping which is high-efficiency and low weight to carry.

Wood burned stove

Wood burned stove

  1. Wood burned stove

The wood burned stove can remind of the ancient memory of midcentury, some knight just complete their mission of destroy a camp of enemy and lit up the fire to warm their body and cook food under the sunset. In modern time, the wood burned stove is upgrade to higher version and be more convenient and safer. All you need to do is make sure that your tent has a air-circle system to eliminate the poisonous gas generated from burning of combustibles and embers. You can buy a stove with a chimney on it. The radiation will warm the whole tent only slower than you set the tent in fire. But another disadvantage is that you must collect embers and start the fire by yourself, that a really annoying work. And the fire will fade if you forget add more embers in it. In some wet place like rainforest or everglades, the available combustibles will be hard to find because everything is soaked by moisture. So if you decide to buy a wood burned stove, please make sure you have the ability to start fire and carry enough tinder.

Quartz heaters

Quartz heaters

  1. Quartz heaters

Quartz heaters are radiative heaters which were more efficient, in the amount and directionality of heating, by using coiled heating wire inside unsealed quartz tubing. The wires could thus operate at a higher temperature than practical with ceramic-supported wires or be thinner. If the heating elements were at a higher temperature, then proportionally more energy was radiated compared to open-wire heaters.

Halogen heaters

Halogen heaters

  1. Halogen heaters

Halogen heaters comprise tungsten filaments in sealed quartz envelopes, mounted in front of a metal reflector in a plastic case. They operate at a higher temperature than Nichrome wire heaters but not as high as incandescent light bulbs, radiating primarily in the infrared spectrum. They convert up to 86% of their input power to radiant energy, losing the remainder to conductive and convective heat.The halogen cycle reduces the darkening of the quartz envelope and lengthens the life of the filament.

How do I safely use a tent heater

How do I safely use a tent heater

How do I safely use a tent heater?

Remember there is no absolutely safe tent heater. Safety problems should be considered before hands. Although the technology gives us some kind sense of safety, but accident just happened. Some time a tent heater is dangerous than campfire. The example of calamity is countless in history. If the fire or excessive heats are out of control, it will not only take your life but also lead to a wildfire which may cost irrevocable property loss. So here are some knowledge and common sense for you to learn before you carry a tent heater for camping. Some of what I say just fit the propane tent heater or battery powered tent heater.

  1. For propane heater

Don’t operate the heater while sleeping, the heater is only to be sued to warm your tent up before you get in or out your sleep bag. You can maintain the temperature of the space with your body. And the cylinder of the heater can’t hold for all night long. Always provide ventilation when operating a propane heater. Proper ventilation is needed to maintain optimal fuel combustion which minimizes Carbon Monoxide (CO) output. Always leave a window or door partially open. Yes, this lets in cold air, but hey you won’t die from suffocation, a fair trade-off. The area surround the heater should be kept clear from time to time, only in this way you don’t have to worry about the potential risk of fires out of control. I strongly suggest that the heater should be positioned out of the tent because the burning of propane will consume the oxygen. Most of people likely to close the door of the tent so fresh air can’t join the process and the oxygen in the tent will be consumed to a dangerous level. You will feel sick and dizzy but you can’t even realize that, then you want to take a nap and forget to take off the valve. The result will be very serious.

  1. For electricity affiliated heater

When we take a camp, the most active one always be those kids. If you go out with an electricity affiliated heater, you should give your children a pre-lesson of dangerous electricity. The curiosity of child can’t be eliminated, but you can give them a little shock by your lighter which is use to lit a cigar. Check your wire out for any broken place may let the electricity escape. And if possible, use the wire that is covered by thick rubber. Buy a unit with a tip-over safety switch, which automatically shuts off the heater if the unit is tipped over. Buy a unit with an automatic overheat shut-off sensor. Keep all liquids at a safe distance away from the unit, even when not in use. Maintain sufficient space around the heater and never block the airflow. If stored for long periods of time, run fan only for first few minutes to blow dust and dirt out of heater element.

  1. For wood burned stoves

Be careful about the ashes the stove left and keep them away from combustion or you may meet a wildfire. Don’t move it into your tent if the smoke can’t be dispelled properly. Keep the child and your pet away from the stove. When it comes to the end, firstly pour the burning embers out then put your hand close to it. If you can still feel heat, you should pour more water on it. don’t pour the water straight upon the flame to prevent the you from being hurt by smoke and steam. And finally bury it in depth of soil.

All in all, the two primary health risks from heaters are the risk of fire and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The latter risk applies to gas and kerosene heaters but not electric heaters. The risk of fire from heaters may be mitigated by low surface temperatures (as found on oil-filled convective heaters), or by switches that cut power in the event of the device inadvertently being tipped over (often found in the bases of halogen heaters), or by thermal cut-out switches. Natural Stone Heaters do not pose a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning risk, and can be a safer alternative. However, the surface temperatures of the stone heaters can be considerable, though they may not cause an instant burn as the heat transfer is slow. For that reason they are usually mounted high on walls or ceilings, away from the reach of infants

Some Tips Before Buying a Heater

Now you know that make your tent warm like spring is not as simple as you think. So you must make some preparation before you buying a heater. There are so many kinds of heaters for camping in the market, like propane tent heater or battery powdered tent heater. But how can you find a safe tent heater among those tent heaters effectively? I suggest you consider the final choice from these sides:

  1. The average time that you spend for camping.

If you just go outside for several days or only one afternoon, you should choose the battery for it’s convenience. But if you go out for about half month, the propane can meet your needs with enough cylinders. I don’t know if there is really exist someone live in wild for half years even more…but if you want have a try you can buy a wood burned stove for it’s unlimited.

  1. The people who accompany you

When you decide to have a camping as a family party or some other similar occasions, a electricity affiliated tent heater will be the best choice because it can generate the heats in the tent for all night long to maintain the warm for a big tent can contain the whole family members. And it won’t do any harm to human’s body with proper operations. when want to roll up the wild with your wildness with your dude, better choose the propane tent heater because the propane can not only provide energy to heater, but also can run the oven or a drill. That’s represent a feast consisted of roasted meat and seafood will make you really satisfied with several gallons of refreshing beers. And when you want to be a explorer who pursue the true of nature and the secret but fantastic scenery, you should choose the wood burned stove which can be used forever and only demanding embers can be found everywhere. And the simple structures make it dependable and easy to be fixed.

  1. Safety

Safety is basement of happiness, you should glance the natural condition and situation then decide the kind you want to buy.  The moist and wet place is not fit for electricity affiliated tent heater. Try not to choose wood burned stove in dry surroundings like grassland or bushes forest in some season like autumn. Propane tent heater don’t have requirement to condition like that but you should pay attention to the road. If you drive the car in a stumble and tremble way because the surface of road is not so flat, the strong crash between the can of gas may generate a ruinous result.

Writing at last

More and more people are involved in the urban life, and it seems like we need some rural place and simple ways to against the pressure that made fast-speed life style and complicate problems occur in lives. There is no doubt that sleep in the wilds is a good way to gain fun and relieve the pressure. And with my suggestions and information, you can solve the problems exist in camp before. Warning again,  If you don’t want the flame swallow your tent, then do what I say. I really hope my work can help people to improve their life quality, so why not share it to your friends and make some comment to show your better idea or altitude to my words. If you like my article, you can subscribe our channel and pay attention to the update issue on our website, we will bring you funny thing and knowledge continually.



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