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Why We Choose Fire Pit Cooking

by Olivia

Choose Fire Pit Cooking

Advantages of Choosing Outdoor Fire Pit Cooking

If you like chilling in a warm summer or cool autumn, an outdoor fire pit will your thing. Add that kind of warm atmosphere and chill through to the sunset. You can add on some few regular and durable stones, then your outdoor fire pit will have more functions. You can play cards, drink beer and cook over the fire with your family and friends. You can also try a “survivor” sort of thing and just cook from the outdoors.An outdoor fire pit can make your house more luxurious. Most people will ask why you choose fire pit cooking when you have an option of chilling in a warm house.

You Can Spend More Time Outside

As it gets colder and colder less outdoor activities are done. If you have a fire pit outside your house, you won’t need to worry about it anymore! You can spend free time with your family and friends or just be alone in the evenings of late autumn, early winter and early spring. It’s more considerate to build a path to the fire pit.


When you go camping, you will find gathering around the fire is a fun activity. If you have a fire pit, you will enjoy the fun of camping in your own backyard. Prepare some candies for children, beer and snacks for adults and of course try out binge storytelling( ghost stories makes it more interesting) For a little more coziness,  build stone benches around the fire pit.


When you don’t need to hold a party or participate in any activity, the fire pit is still useful. It can provide a private space for you to relax, think deeply and watch the sky with your loved ones. It is a perfect space for you to connect with your inner self and allow yourself to be marveled by the tranquility and the calmness.

Cooking and Grilling from the Outside

Fire pit grill is totally different from the traditional grilling. It’s a kind of open pit grilling. The cooking fun can also be enjoyed by kids. They can use sticks to penetrate through the hot dogs or meat, and roast them over the fire. If you had the experience of a boy scout, then you must be the expert in this field! When I was a boy scout, I always wrapped meat, vegetables with a foil and cook them on fire. For an even better experience use incorporate grates or grills. The best thing with an open fire grill one can cook almost everything.

Make Your House More Attractive

When you want to sell your house, I’m sure that the outdoor fire pit will be eye-catching. Natural stones are suitable decorations. They can fight against extreme weather and last for quite a long time. They also have a few useful functions, so they can serve any occasions.

Useful Fire Pit Grilling Accessories

Some of the useful fire pit grilling accessories include;

  • Campfire Tripod or Spit: It’s a kind of fire pit grilling rack. It can be built easily over the fire pit. You can hang every cooking tools over the fire. Pots with a loop handle for stews or soups, kettles for boiling water, a string for bound whole poultry or leg of lamb, a grill grate for anything. Like the tripod of a camera, the campfire tripod can also be disassembled easily.
  • Camping Rotisserie: It’s the main tool for a fire pit barbecue. You can use it to roast large chunks of meat( whole poultry, legs of lamb, pork and beef). I recommend you the rotisseries made by SpitJack, which can be folded perfectly into a long sack. It is driven by a battery, so all you need to do is bring enough batteries.
  • Cast Iron and Long-Handled Skillets and Roasters: Many types of pots and pans can be cooked over the fire pit. If you want to buy a skillet, then choose one with a long handle. You can hold it easily from a distance, and food in the skillet can be heated evenly. Cast iron pots and dutch ovens are wonderful choices because of good heat resistance, thermal conductivity and insulation performance. Those cast iron pots with feet and loop handles can stay stable on the embers.  Cast iron pots are however heavy and this is a disadvantage for campers who need to move around at all times. However, for a home pit fire, they can be of much use.
  • Long-Handled Skewers: I think the skewer cooking is the easiest! Make a fire, stick your favorite food on some skewers and cook them over the fire.Skewer forks can be folded up easily and are portable as well. They won’t occupy much space of your bag. They are designed for the smaller size of meat, like sausages and poultry.
  • Portable Grills or Burners: You can take many kinds of portable grills and burners to camping. If your car’s trunk is capacious enough, you can choose gas or charcoal grills. Remember to bring the fuel( charcoal or propane). Portable propane tanks can be found in related stores.
  • Cast Iron Cookware Clean-up: Never use soap to clean your cast iron! It does harm to the coating of cast iron. Just use clean water, your hands and special oil blends.

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