Smoked Bacon Made by Yourself

Looking for some methods of how to make bacon delicious? Here’s the right place. Home made bacon isn’t a dream. You can make the same bacon as a chief in a 5 star restaurant.


If you ask me what my favorite food is, I will tell you immediately—the bacon. The smoked bacon is my favorite style, but it is difficult to make smoked bacon like the one made in a restaurant. I also study by myself, unfortunately, I can’t find out how to make a delicious smoked bacon at home just like restaurant.

I searched for a lot of places around the world to find the special home made bacon. Finally, in the north of America, when I climbed a mountain, I was lost and the sky went dark, frightened and worried, and it was colder when the midnight came. Finally, I was unconscious. When I woke up, I found that I was lying on a bed not the ground.

I was getting warm, and I could smell the scent of bacon. When I smelt it, I felt that my body got all the power and I almost jumped from the bed. The scent came from the outsides. I went out and found that there was an old lady cooking the bacon with smoke. It was the smoked bacon that I was looking for.

I was so happy. The old lady smiled me, and the fire lightened her face, at that moment, I missed my mom who could make the best bacon in the world. But she didn’t have the opportunity to give me the bacon recipes before she passed away. The old lady offered one piece of bacon she just made, the moment I ate it, my tears went down. It was the best bacon that I ate after my mom passed away.

The old lady said that she had been there since her husband left the world. There was no people around, just some tourist like me would come to this mountain to have a visit, and if they saw her, she would invite them to her house to have a rest, and she would offer them the bacon that I just ate. Apparently, she was good at cooking especially the bacon. She was just like my mom.

After I ate all the bacon, I asked the bacon recipes, then she invited me to the basement, she pulled out an old book from the bottom of the shelf with a lot of dust on it. I opened it, there’s a lot of bacon recipes in it. She said that they were all she found from all over the world. She gave it to me, that was a treasure to me.

How To Make Homemade Bacon?

Okay, the first step to make it is curing the pork belly as same as you will do for any bacon. Make the curing salt a bit less if you want to eat a light bacon, or you can add more sugar if you like sweet. After you have cured the pork, rinse the curing bacon cleanly and put it aside. This is the key that how to make it different from other bacon in the book that the old lady gave to me.

I think it is better for you to make the bacon by smoking it in your grill or smoker over low heat until the interior temperature reaches 150 degrees F than cooking it in your oven on low heat.

If you want to make the bacon delicious, you need to be fanatical about controlling the temperature in your grill in order to stay it low. And smoke wood is also the necessary material that you need for this bacon cooking. The smoke wood should be the one that has been soaked in winter.

Smoked Bacon

A Digital Thermometer.

The process of smoking the home made bacon needs a long period of time for about 1 to 1.5 or over 2 hours. So if you want to make sure that smoking the a low temperature, you will need a way to follow the internal temperature of your bacon. Whether it is done or not is not based on appearance or time, it is based on the temperature.

The easiest way to let the interior to get up to 150, no more and no less, is to insert the probe of a digital thermometer into the thickest part of the meat for the very beginning. My suggestion is to set an alarm to go off when the wanted temperature is reached.

A Reliable Grill Thermometer

The important point to smoke home made bacon is keeping the temperature low and constant. You need to get a grill thermometer which gives an accurate reading of the heat inside your grill or smoker while the lid is closed to make sure that you are in the right range. That is the only way.

Control Your Temperature Tightly

This will be the most complicated part of this process. This will be easy to you if you are well-seasoned in the art of slowness, and you are good at cooking in a low-heat grill or smoker. But if you are not, here are a few of suggestions for you to help you make it easier. First of all, if you have a good thermometer as I mentioned above, you will make it easier. It is the necessary tool for you who are not good at cooking.

Second, using a little charcoal. The inside of you grill will be cooking if you use a lot of charcoal. Remember that, more charcoal won’t make the process quick. And it will be very difficult to let the temperature down to the one you need. In other words, it will be hard to control the temperature. So you can use only half or less of the charcoal you need to start. Third, not cooking the bacon over the hot coals.

If you put your bacon on the fire directly, it will be burnt and over-cooked immediately. The method to solute this problem is to push all your coals to one side of your grill and then put the meat on the other side as picture below. The vents on the top should be a little higher than the meat when you close the lid.

The grill thermometer through the vent will help you keep that near your cooking space so that you can have an accurate estimate of your cooking temperature. Fourth, controlling your temperature with the vents. When you begin, open the bottom vents and keep the top ones just a bit open.

Check the temperature after every a few minutes. Finally, adding charcoal occasionally to make sure that the temperature steady. When the temperature downs, add a handful of charcoal to your hot coals. That can help to keep the temp up. It’s often after half an hour or more of cooking and periodically thereafter that adding the charcoals.

Smoking Woods

In this whole process, you must think that the more flavorful and aromatic smoke to bathe your bacon, the merrier. When the smoke diminish significantly, scatter another handful over the hot coals so that it can keep up that smoke output.


It will take about at least 2 hours. Take your time, don’t rush and don’t turn up the heat. If you get it too high, it will dry out and cook your bacon improperly. Spend a little of time to make sure that the temp in your grill is right. Then put the bacon in and keep the lid closed as much as possible in order to get the heat and the smoke.

If you want to walk away to do something else, make sure you can get back in time to check the temp, or you can set an alarm. As far as I’m concerned, just take some beers and lay on your deck chair to relax. Enjoy the smoke and dream about that you are in the paradise, and the bacon will soon be done.

So that is my story of this bacon. I really like that old lady’s lifestyle. When I came home, I decided that I would build a the mountain and cut off all the connection to the outside world. Now close the computer and make your own bacon. Hope you can like. Enjoy it!

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