Smoky Wagyu Brisket Recipe

I would love to share with you one of my expeditions that I tried and that is the smoky wagyu brisket recipe which is asically a roasted brisket of beef.  I first tasted the wagyu beef in Japan.I took up to the challenge to make the Japanese brisket style into Okie smoky taste. After several failures, I finally made it. Here comes my recipe for smoky wagyu brisket beef. This smoker recipe and other related smoker recipes need a high-quality smoker and you should possess one at home.[Read More on Wagyu Beef….]

The Choice of meat for the Smoky Wagyu Brisket Recipe

The wagyu beef is kinda the most expensive in the world. Anyway, you can replace it with the Australian version if you cannot afford the original. Wagyu beef is, generally speaking, any sort of steak or meat that comes from a Japanese steer. The word translates roughly as “Japanese cattle,” and nearly any animal that grew up in that country usually qualifies.

Outside of Japan, the term has a somewhat wider meaning, as farmers and distributors commonly use it to label beef from cattle that are descended from Japanese animals, even if the connection is generations old. It is usually marketed as a very expensive gourmet item that is dense in fat, highly marbled, and very tender. Though there can be a lot of variety.

People often associate Japanese beef with meat that is tender, highly marbled, and exceptional in taste. Most butchers “grade,” or rate, meat based on the ratio of muscle to fat. Something that is often described in terms of “marbling.”

A slice of meat that is mostly red is not very marbled, whereas one with rich streaks of white fat is.Though these fat ribbons often add calories, they also make a much softer, more tender meal. Many of the cuts sold under the wagyu name are extensively marbled, which lends an almost buttery taste to the meat when it is cooked.

Preparations of the Smoky Wagyu Brisket Recipe

First, the brisket should be salted for one day or two before you start to smoke it. A common way is to rub it with kosher salt or brine to give it better flavor after it is seared. And after generously and softly rubbing the brisket with brine. It should be wrapped in an aluminum wrapper. Let it stay in the wrapper for 4-6 hours or even overnight.

Smoky Wagyu Brisket Recipe

Wrapping of the Brisket by an aluminum foil

During this time the salt will draw brisket juice to the surface. The juices will cause the salt to melt, the two will mix to create a slurry and this saline mixture will then be drawn back deep into the meat. When you take the brisket out of the fridge after the dry brining process is complete, there is no need to rinse it off. It’s a big hunk of meat and the salt gets dispersed throughout the whole thing.

Sear the surface of the meat to make sure it totally seasoned before you smoke it. I recommend searing the brisket without seasoning so you’ll get a good nice brown sear. You really don’t need to burn it up to this method to work well. When you toast the surface you should flip it to another side for several minutes. Coal fits this dish because it can generate a large amount of smoke. Be careful of the flame, it may burn your hands and arms, so better hold thick leather gloves and spatula in your hands.

Smoky Wagyu Brisket Recipe

Hot smoking Brisket

Now you can use some seasonings, it all depends on your own taste though. The fat in the beef in most cases has some melted oil on its surface, but if yours is not or you need some more oils, you can brush some vegetable oil or olive on it.

It’s time to smoke it, turn up your smoker and put the pan of brisket in it. Prepare the smoker for cooking at 250-275°F and while it’s preheating, build a hot fire of searing in a separate grill. When the smoker and a separate hot grill is ready, place the brisket on the hot grill and sear top, bottom and sides until it’s black. Once seared, place the brisket fat side up into a large foil pan and into the smoker for 2 hours. One hour the fat side up and one hour the fat side down.

Continue cooking until brisket reaches an internal temperature of 200°F.

Smoky Wagyu Brisket Recipe

Smoking of Brisket

After the brisket reaches the point of perfect, take it out from smoker and then put it on a flake to cool down. And when the temperature of it is cool enough, you can serve your Smoky Wagyu Brisket.

Smoky Wagyu Brisket Recipe

A well smoked Beef Brisket

Points to note when preparing the Smoky Wagyu Brisket Recipe

  • Be sure to use a full packer brisket–  still has the fat cap intact and has not been trimmed up.
  • This brisket only took 9 hours even though it weighed in at 17 lbs. The smoker is maintained about 250°F the entire time.

About the smoker

A smoker that fits these requirements will improve your level of any smoking recipes:

  • An ash cup on the bottom of the unit to catch the ashes and make cleanup easy.
  • A chute that opens so you can dump the hopper when you want to replace the pellets with a different flavor.
  • An optional propane powered sear box capable of 900°F that attaches to the right side of the unit. This allows you to sear steaks, chicken, etc. once they are done the cooking. You could also just use it to cook steaks or other meats at very high heat. My brisket was 17 lbs and very large although, I probably could have used it to sear this thing, a half side at a time.

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