Awesome Campfire Cooking Equipment

Having some decent campfire cooking equipment at your campsite will do alot for determining the kind of experience you have. There’s something about the way food affects so many of our senses that makes it cement in to our memories. Here, I will recommend for you some of of the most awesome campfire cooking equipment (in my opinion) that I’ve been using during my camping experiences. Remember, the type of equipment for camp cooking that you buy depends on the kind of camping experience you are after. There’s no right or wrong answer here…for some people, a quick, no mess “heat and eat” style meal is all they are after and they may not want to stop for long. For others, the lure of sitting around the campfire, sharing stories and sipping whisky over a few hours while dinner bubbles away is what camping is all about!

Campfire Cooking Equipment

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If you’re able to drive to your campsite, you have the luxury of being able to load your vehicle up with all sorts of fancy camping equipment and heavy duty cooking gear. If you’re in the middle of a three day hike, and you’ve pitched your tent for the night, I’m guessing you’re wanting to keep your camp cooking as lightweight and portable as possible!

Whatever your situation, there are awesome campfire cooking equipment and campfire cooking accessories to meet your needs and ensure you still have a sensational meal while you’re out in the open.  I’m sure you will find this article useful.

A quick disclaimer, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I stand by my recommendations though and I think you’ll find everything listed here extremely valuable.

A Must Buy – Campfire Cooking Equipment

  •  Portable Grills

If you’re looking to roast hot dogs or barbecue burgers over an open fire, then you’ll need a grill, this portable grill can cater for both the whole family and a solo camper. As far as campfire cooking equipment goes, portable grills are great for all sorts of meat, veggies, kebabs and anything else you want to cook up.

There are many different types of portable grills and burners that you can take for camping. Sizes vary from larger gas or charcoal grills that are only portable in the sense that they can easily fit in your car, to truly portable items that can be folded up. The great thing about a portable grill is that you aren’t reliant on building a fire. If its’ fire season and there are restrictions in place, or if you want to stop for a quicker meal without building a campfire, this can be ideal. Remember you will need a fuel supply, whether propane gas or coals, so if you’re traveling on foot, this is a consideration.

  • Campfire Rotisserie

A portable rotisserie is a great tool to roast big cuts of meat, such as whole poultry, a leg of lamb, pork and etc. These can be roasted well enough over an open fire. It is easy assembly and take-down without tools. It can be folded up nicely into a long sack that can easily be carried around on your back.

Some types have a battery-powered rotisserie motor so you don’t have to turn the meat manually. Also, there are some you need to turn them manually. These campfire rotisseries need to be cleaned right after use because they are hard to clean after cooling completely.

Cooking on a rotisserie takes time, especially with the larger cuts of meat, but the end result is well worth it. I’ve drawn in fellow campers from other sites pretty much every time I’ve used my rotisserie because the smell is so amazing that they come begging for the scraps! You can turbo charge your camping rotisserie cooking by basting your meat or using some simple rubs to take the flavours to the next level. If you’re after hero status among your camping companions, the rotisserie is the way to go!

Read our suggested recipe below:

  • Cast Iron Grill Griddle

With the right campfire cooking equipment, you can keep cooking over your campfire all day long, with a wide range of meals up for grabs. One of the simplest, yet most useful pieces of camp cooking gear is a cast iron griddle. Cast iron is great for its durability, and when taken care of, will last you decades. It retains and distributes heat evenly and also easy to use and clean. A cast iron griddle can be used on a portable grill, or even position directly over your campfire hot coals (I like to chock mine up on a couple of bricks). You’ll create a smashing steak, chicken thighs or piece of freshly caught fish on this, and can easily fry up vegetables as well. A cast iron griddle is a little heavy, but takes up barely any space.


  • Cast Iron Skillets

There are different types of pots and pans that are suitable for cooking on a campfire. For skillets, I suggest you find ones with long handles so that you are not burnt. Also, remember than metal is a conductor, so a good pair of heat resisitant gloves is a good investment as well. Cast iron pots and Dutch ovens are great because they withstand high heat as well as distribute and hold the heat efficiently.

Cast iron pans and loop handles are great for both sitting right on top of hot embers and suspending them from a tripod over the fire. A major disadvantage of cast iron is that it is really heavy and it is not easy to carry for long distance so if you are traveling on foot, maybe source a lighter weight option. The advantages however, are the longevity of cast iron – my favorite skillet is now 16 years old and going strong!

If you’re going to buy some pots and pans for open fire cooking and weight isn’t an issue, I would highly recommend going with cast iron. As ling as it is cared for (Remember when you buy cast iron, clean and season your pan before you take it camping), this stuff will last you a lifetime.

No matter what surface you cooking on, having a high-quality pot, a skillet and a griddle all come in very handy. Cast iron is one of my top picks of campfire cooking equipment. As for how to clean them, the trick for is to heat them up, either directly on the fire or indirectly through a grate. Once hot, pour in some cooking oil and make sure it coats the entire surface. Make sure the oil doesn’t burn then wipe the interior with a clean cloth or some paper towel.


Campfire Cooking Accessories

  • Cast Iron cooking tripod

A campfire tripod is an outstanding way to cook over a campfire or fire pit. This is a statement piece that will have your campsite resembling that of the old wild west. One of my favourite recommendations, if you’re a fan of cooking with a dutch oven, the tripod allows you to hang all sorts of campfire cooking tools over the fire for an evenly cooked meal without charring.

You can hang pots with loop handles to cook stews or soups, you can hang kettles, you can hang trussed whole poultry or leg of lamb to roast on a string, you can even hang a grill grate, so can cook just about anything. The benefit to using it is the ability to raise and lower the oven by adjusting the length of the chain to increase or decrease the heat for cooking.

By adjusting that, you can cook a perfect meal for yourself or others. Another nice thing about the tripods is that most of them disassemble easily and can be folded up into a relatively small and light package that you could carry with you pretty easily.

  • Camp Dutch Oven Lid Stand

Consider that once you remove the lid during cooking, you need somewhere to put it when you are busy stirring your food in the Dutch oven. You do not want to put it on the ground because it might get covered in leaves and dirt, that will then fall back in to your food when you replace the lid.

Using a camp Dutch oven lid stand will help you to deal with that dilemma. It is a campfire cooking accessory which may people overlook, until they see someone else using it and have that “Ah-ha!” moment!  The 4 integral legs designed to sit amidst hot coals and it can be fold and storage easily. It’s not essential, but whenever I use mine, I’m glad that I brought it with me.

  • Grill Accessories Set

Your campfire cooking gear would not be complete without a grilling accessories set. I’m talking about tongs (including long handles ones so you can keeo your fingers away from the fire, a long handles form, a sharp knife, grill brush, basting brush, skewers, and a scraper/spatula.

Go for stainless steel to avoid rusting and cracking. Many kits some in a handy case for easy storage. I can;t over emphasis the importance of being organised when you;re camping…there’s nothing more annoying that searching for a set of tongs in the dark with only a flashlight. A storage case keeps all your barbeque tools together so you look like a pro.

I’m always looking for camping gear that is multi purpose. My spatula is a 4-in-1 multi-tool, which includes slotted turner with tenderizer blades and built-in bottle opener… Winning!

  • Heat Resistant Gloves

The heat-resistant gloves protect your hands and arms while cooking. These high-quality leather gloves are heat resistant and perfect for Dutch oven cooking, frying or any other type of cooking that may require additional protection. I’ve had my fair share of campfire burns (especially after a few wines), and it can really ruin your night. These gloves are worth the investment, lightweight and compact.

  • Dutch oven liner

I love using my cast iron Dutch ovens for campfire cooking. And I serve directly from the oven to the plate, making clean-up a breeze, providing there is plenty of water nearby. If you’re not the cleaning up type, however (and not all of us are), don;t be put off cooking with a dutch oven –  you can choose to use Dutch oven liner. It is strong enough Aluminum thing to stir and lift your food out. By using that, you would never ever season or clean your Dutch oven again. And it makes cooking outdoors easy for beginners. Pretty cool, is it?

Where to Purchase Campfire Cooking Equipment

Many simple campfire cooking tools, such as utensils, small butane or propane torches or grills and cookware can be found in camping supply stores near your area. But if you want to get more specialized equipment, read customer reviews and have your gear delivered to your door, check out

Also when you’re looking at campfire cooking equipment, you must pay attention to quality. It can really pay off to spend a few extra bucks for a high-quality product. Stick to brands that have good reviews and reputations. One of the biggest joys of camping outdoors is creating sensationsal meals over an open fire. Having the right campfire cooking equipment is one of those camping essentials which will enable you to have the best experience.

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