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How to Use an Electric Charcoal Starter

by Olivia

What is Electric Charcoal Starter? An Electric Charcoal Starter provides an alternative to matches or gas lighters. It is a simple device with a handle on one end and a loop of metal, which is the heating element, on the other. These starters start coals a little more slowly than if you use a flame, but you won’t have to deal with flammable lighter fluids and the accompanying smell, as well as the taste these chemical fluids sometimes impart to food.

Electric Charcoal Starter

Electric Charcoal Starter

Where can you get an Electric Charcoal Starter? You can get an Electric Charcoal Starter in any hardware shop, but it’s a little expensive. You also can get it from the Internet such as eBay, it’ll be cheaper than you get it from a real shop.

Pros and Cons of using an Electric Charcoal Starter

Pros and Cons of using an Electric Charcoal Starter

First, let’s talk about its advantages.

  • It can let your charcoal fully burn in about under 10 minutes.
  • Cheap and reusable. You can easily get a charcoal in a hardware shop and most grill accessories aren’t expensive and they usually can last a long time.
  • Nothing else will be needed. For example, when you use the charcoal chimney, you need use matches or newspapers to get your charcoal started with an electric starter. But when you have an Electric Charcoal Starter, it’ll be easier to get it started with an available power outlet.
  • No chemicals. An Electric Charcoal Starter is healthy and environmentally friendly. It’s good for human. It won’t make too much smoke. Besides, it will avoid any chemicals getting into your food and it will smell good.

However, nothing is perfect, everything has its opposite side. An  Electric Charcoal Starter also has its disadvantages. But I think it doesn’t have any significant disadvantages. If I must say, the only possible disadvantage I think is that it needs a power outlet to support it to work. So, if you and your friends are having barbecue outside in a park or campsite, it won’t be a best option for an electric starter.

How to use an Electric Charcoal Starter?

  1. First, you should make a small pile or pieces of charcoal in your barbecue. Lay them on your charcoal grate flatly.
  2. Then let your electric starter cross this layer of charcoal.
  3. Now get more charcoal on the top and cover the iron part.
  4. Then plug in and let the power on. Almost all the electric starter have a short wire, so you need an extension wire.
  5. Not stop the power until the charcoal around it starting to get wine and make some ash. And at the center of the charcoal pile around the hot iron is getting red apparently, as the picture shows. This process will usually takes about 8 to 15 minutes depending on your iron, charcoal and so on.
  6. When the center part is getting red, you can cut the power off and plug out your charcoal iron and remove from the charcoal pile as careful as you can. Because all the metal parts are so hot, which can sear your shin immediately. Thus, use the plastic handle or the base of the wine to plug the iron out of the charcoal pile. This is the most crucial point you need to pay attention to!!
  7. You must make sure it’s a safe place to hang or rest the iron. It must be a place that you bump into it and can’t be close to any flammable materials. Before handling and storing, you must cool it completely. Because it’s an electrical device, you won’t use water to cool your charcoal starter.
  8. Get your charcoal ready. You can leave them them for a couple of minutes before you use it for your grill because it can get going nice and can burn adequately. If you don’t have enough charcoal, just pile a bit more on the top of the charcoal which is ready, and then let them burn and give it a few minutes to ignite before spreading out your hot coals.

To be honest, I used to like my chimney starter, though I’ve found that I need 2 of them in order to have enough charcoal for most of my grilling Or indoor grilling. Besides, if the fire doesn’t get going nice, I have to start it again. With these two things in my mind, I always think of why shouldn’t I try the Electric Charcoal Starters to start fire.

I like the big chimney starters like those from Weber — hold plenty of charcoal. Never had a problem where I had to start over. If the charcoal seems like it is not going well enough from the convection of the heat in the chimney I have been known to get out a leaf blower or other fan to speed things along.

And when I use the chimney, I like to use fewer’ bricks than a full load, and then dump them on a bed of unlit ones and partially cover with unlit ones. I do this because I’m a little nervous about having all the combustion products from all the ink in newsprint in all the fuel.

buy an Electric Charcoal Starter

buy an Electric Charcoal Starter

But now I really want to try the electric starter, because I always gather my family and friends, and with a lot of grill accessories I really don’t want to use the chimney starter because of the steps of using it are very fussy. Think about that, you have invited all your friends to your house, and all of them are sitting at the living room, the sun is falling down, everyone is hungry, they are waiting for the dinner. But at that time, you’re worried about the charcoal and the fire. It’s awkward, isn’t it? Don’t ask me why I know these things, I already have experienced that. That’s an unforgettable memory which is always in my mind. I lose all my face in front of all my friends. Who doesn’t want to eat sooner? The Electric Charcoal Starter can let this come true.

Want to have a completely lit pan of charcoal that’s ready for grilling in a quick way? Tired of the awful smell or flavor of barbecue lighter fluid in your food? Electric Charcoal Starter is the solution. A wonderful alternative to lighter fluid or charcoal chimneys, Electric Charcoal Starter allows you to have you cooking in minutes without matches or lighter fluids. Grilling is so much easier now.

So, what are you waiting for? Open your computer or put your clothes on, buy an Electric Charcoal Starter and make a phone call to your friends, gather them to your house and get the meet and charcoal ready, especially the Electric Charcoal Starter. Enjoy the barbecue and the beer, and the most important memory in your entire life. I believe that will be the most important moment since you were born to your death.


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