The best charcoal grills of 2020

Gas or charcoal? It is a common question that everyone would like to buy a new grill has to ask themselves. Gas has its advantages, sure, but nothing beats the smoky taste briquettes or natural wood charcoal can provide. If you value taste over convenience, you can go for charcoal directly. There are some recommendations about charcoal grills, and I think finding the best one can really change and improve your grilling experience.

The best charcoal grills of 2020

It is important to choose the right one when camping outdoor since it is essential and will help you create fantastic Camping cooking. The best type of charcoal grill for you largely depends on your needs. How much grilling you intend to do and the size of your outdoor area are the biggest factors in choosing the one that suits you best as well. So pay close attention to what they offer and what they can do. Here I would like to share with you a list of the best charcoal grills of 2017.

Weber Original 22″ Kettle Grill

It has been in production since 1951, and more than 60 years later, now it still offers the best combination of price, convenience, and performance. It is quick to set up, quick to heat up, and superbly easy to maintain, this Weber is also covered by the company’s limited 10-year warranty. If all of that weren’t reason enough, it’s also available almost everywhere.

Char-Broil Kettleman

Most grills characterize thin grates, food can be exposed to hot coals. The Kettleman has what Char-Broil calls a TRU-Infrared grate. The grate acts as a radiant cooking surface and the thin openings avoid flare ups without the need for sear plates. At the same time, the inverted v-shaped ridges make a greater surface area and more even heat distribution.


Char-Griller Patio Pro

It is quite a bit smaller than the 363-square-inch Weber at a mere 250 square inches. Although its questionable build, the Patio Pro is a amazingly effective little griller, with excellent temperature evenness and a quick preheat time.


Big Green Egg

This Kamado-style Big Green Egg was easily the top-performing charcoal grill in our tests. In addition to grilling, Big Green Egg has many uses, it can be used to smoke, roast, and bake food—just like a regular oven. The large model can be sold for $849, but the price may be a good value in the long run.

Big Green Egg

Primo Kamado All-in-One

In our tests, the All-In-One showed excellent temperature regulation as well as impressive heat insulation — considering its sturdy construction. It has a standard 20-year warranty.

Primo Kamado

There are three types of charcoal grills. Kettle grills have various sizes and available in the market today. They’re very easy to use and cook quickly. Kettle grills are excellent options for those who don’t need to grill a lot of ingredients in one go and have small outdoor spaces.

The second is barrel grills, barrel grills have a barrel shape that makes them look like a small drum that’s cut half. They provide a bigger cooking area, making them suitable for those who like to cook for friends and family. Barrel grills are perfect for those intend to do more than just grilling in these things.

The last one is ceramic & kamado grills. These grills are also known as outdoor cookers as they do more than just grill food. They are specially designed to effectively retain and regulate heat. Aside from grilling, they can also slow cook meats and even make pizza, bread, and some desserts in the case of Kamado cookers.

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