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How to Make a S’mores by the Campfire

by Olivia

Cook over a fire and dine beneath the open skies, just the way Man was meant to. You cannot live without cooking when you are out for camping. Delicious roast meat, sausages, vegetables and etc. are most people’s favorite. But for women and children, these groups of people like to taste something light and sweet.

Such as roast well marshmallows. Here I would like to ask you what kind of food you like to make when you are camping out of the city?It is known to all, when we are out for camping, we may choose to make something easy and tasty. S’mores is a recipe that has been passed down through so many years of family and scout camps.

This American classic is everyone’s favorite childhood treat! Ever since I had my first one, sitting in front of a roaring campfire with a semi-clean stick skewered with lots of toasting marshmallows, I have been a big fan of s’mores. If I could go back in time, only thing I would like to do differently now is to use a really clean skewer for my marshmallows, but when you’re camping and very young, you don’t tend to think about those things.

I still like classic s’mores made with squares of milk chocolate, graham crackers and jet puffed marshmallows. I do a lot of outdoor cooking during the summer, and on grilling nights my favorite dessert is s’mores roasted over the last of the glowing charcoal on the barbecue. Here I would like to introduce one of the best summertime desserts which is really simple to make and yummy, it is campfire s’mores.

It is most typically cooked over a campfire by first roasting the marshmallow over the flame until it gets a golden brown look. The marshmallow is then added on top of half of a graham cracker and a piece of chocolate. The second half of the cracker is then added on top. Also this dessert can be made in the kitchen. But I insist you make the s’more when you are out. Because roasting the marshmallow is also a good way to entertain .

The hot summer months call for light, refreshing desserts. In my opinion, that doesn’t need to be limited to a plate of fruit, or a fruit pudding, or smoothie. To make s’mores, you need graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows andcampfire skewers. Wood skewer is probably the most traditional and I usually used them, but long metal one is actually the best choice when we take all the factors into consideration.

After I bought them and used them, I never think about wooden ones anymore. As for the chocolate, everyone loves chocolate because chocolate that melts well from the heat of the marshmallow, so when making this sweet dessert, a milk chocolate with their high cocoa butter content can be our better choice than dark chocolate for sheer  meltability. And also the cocoa butter can give chocolate a shiny looks and make it very easy to work with. In addition, Marshmallows have a subtle vanilla flavor and a cloud-like texture.

It is very easy for both of these to be overwhelmed by chocolate. Dark chocolate can easily dominate the vanilla flavor or cover it up entirely, depending on whether the marshmallow is completely encased. So when making this sweet pieces, don’t forget to use milk chocolate. Puff marshmallows tend to better than homemade because they hold up to the heat better. I used to use mini marshmallows.

Because mini marshmallows are easy to work with and take less time to toast than full sized marshmallows. But nowadays, I choose larger marshmallows because they are what I like to use when I’m actually making s’mores. They have a large surface area to toast and become wonderfully gooey in the center. And for the graham, you can choose to make graham at home or buy it in the market. As you can see, any kind of graham cracker contains the chocolate and marshmallow. And these three things are great enough to make a best summertime campfire dessert!

There are two kinds of skewers you can use to roast your marshmallows. The first is stainless steel skewers. They are easy to get and can be used for a long time if you preserve them well.

The other is wooden or bamboo skewers. They can only be used for once and because of these, they are really convenient for people who do not want to waste time and energy to clean for the next use. As they can be easily burned in the campfire and require no additional dish washing.

But these traditional skewers may not suit for children to use. Regular bamboo roasting sticks are just too short for your kids to safely use around the fire. They’re easily burned in the campfire and require no additional dish washing. I recommend you to buy skewers that make of metal. Because a wooden one can catch on fire, especially with longer cooking times, and this kind of stuff cannot be used again.

There are many different kinds of s’mores you can make. I mean you can change the traditional recipe by adding some other ingredients, such as peanut butter, banana and strawberry. You also can double the chocolate and marshmallows or triple if you like. So using your own imagination to make this summertime dessert taste and I believe it will look absolutely good! And only by doing that, you will find the happiness when you are killing time.

Flavored marshmallows give you a chance to add a new layer of flavor to a hot chocolate or a match of s’mores – and they are always a good choice of snack if you have a sweet tooth. Here I would like to introduce to you the traditional and most popular s’more recipe for you. You can make this summertime dessert to entertain when you are out for camping. And you can improve it by adding or reducing the ingredients.


. And also you need to make up a bonfire or campfire. I love to set near the campfire, talking with friends and roasting the marshmallows. I love the s’mores.

Not only for the combination of crisp graham crackers, the gooey marshmallows, and melted chocolate is also the thing that I just can’t resist. I love everything from classic campfire s’mores to s’mores ice cream. If you’re a s’mores fan like me, you’ll definitely enjoy the recipe.

So why not make some sweet dessert when you are out for camping? These sweet pieces will quick and easy to put friends together and they are always a crowd pleaser. Whether it’s for a special celebration or just for fun on a weekday, these will brighten up anyone’s day. Sometimes, you do need to have a campfire to make S’mores. Maybe after making and eating them, you will get a new and different view about your life and people around you. So tell me, how do you do your S’mores? Hope you can like my S’mores recipe, enjoy it!

S’mores by the Campfire

Cook over a fire and dine beneath the open skies, just the way Man was meant to. You cannot live without cooking when you are out for camping. Delicious roast… Camping How to Make a S’mores by the Campfire European Print This
Serves: 2 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
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  • Graham crackers (broken into squares)
  • Plain milk chocolate bars (broken into sizes for fitting the graham cracker squares)
  • Suitable size jet puff marshmallows


  1. Break the large graham cracker in half and use one for top cracker and one for the bottom cracker. Repeat with additional graham crackers and make enough for the roasted marshmallows.
  2. Unwrap milk chocolate bar and then break the milk bar into smaller pieces. And make those small pieces of chocolate in a right size which means that covering one of the graham cracker halves with chocolate pieces to fit your graham cracker.
  3. Put one or two marshmallows on the s’mores stick and hold it over the fire until roasted. Toast marshmallows over a campfire, turning the stick until the outside of the marshmallow has a golden brown color and just starts to get mushy. Some people tend to roast them for a few minutes, and then they make them catch on fire, blow them out, and finally, the marshmallows are done to their liking. You can choose the way to deal the marshmallows!
  4. Take the toasted on stick marshmallow and lay it or them both on the side of the graham cracker with a small piece the chocolate. Then take the other half of the graham cracker and cover the hot marshmallow, pressing down firmly enough to pull out the stick. Be sure not to get hurt.
    5. When the S’more is fully assembled, let it sit for a few seconds or at around a minute. The heat will somewhat melt the chocolate, and you will not burn your mouth by laying aside a few seconds!


There some equipment you need when making the s’mores. You need at last 8 bamboo s’mores sticks or you can use long stainless steel skewers to roast the marshmallows.

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