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Best Camping songs for a great Experience

by Olivia

Campfire experiences are never the same with the the best camping songs to accompany the occassion. Forget the boring storytelling sessions and welcome song and dance to allow for a warm experence in the cold dark camping. Warm afternoons in the scorching sun or under the trees forming an umbrella under you, what will lack is some music.

Having camped for most part of my youth, I have compiled some of the breathtaking camping songs of all genre to spice up your experience. Let us check out some of the cool campfire songs that would blast your camping experience.

camping songs

Camping songs ideas

The best idea would be to have different kind of campfire songs; from funny songs to christian songs, these way all the participants would feel part of the group and it would be more fun too. With the fire at the center and friends or family seated in a circle, the sparks of fire, aucostic guitar and a bluetoth speaker playing these songs, that would be the best feeling ever, involve everyone in this venture and you will not regret the feeling at all. Have this playlist to kick off your activities.

Christian Camping Songs

Christian songs are always uplifting to the soul and are usually good in ensuring the camp goers are in touch with their inner self. Kids in summer camps are always given time to learn these songs to have a spiritual outlook of life from a younger age. Some of these christian camping songs include the following; Most of these songs are categorised into serious ones and the funny ones, the serious ones are set to proclaim the love for God or deep connection between God and our inner beings. The funny ones are just meant to teach people to be thankful to God and the art of friendship so forth.

Some of the christian songs that I have loved over the years include;

  • This little light of mine

This song can be sang either fast or slow depending on the lead singer. The song really uplifts the kids spirits and everyone would love it. Below is part of the song;

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This litttle light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, oh shine.

  • Little Red Dragon

This is mostly a kid’s song with the simple lyrics and a fun way of singing it. In most cases the song starts with a lower voice or even whispers but by the time it reaches the climax, people will be singing to the top of their voices. That is the reason kids love it because they can adjust the voice making it more fun.

Part of it’s lyrics is as below;” You can’t ride in my little red dragon. A wheel is broken and the axle’s sugging chug….chug…..chug…..chug” The next line is the same but this time louder than the last time. By the time you finish to the last point you will be screaming to the top of your voice. It is fun for kids and other people of different age groups.

  • Awesome God

This song is the easiest of all the camping christian songs and has different versions. The one I like the most is the slow and fulfilling. This song is loved by both kids and grown ups. It genereally proclaims our love fr God and how he is good to us. The lyrics are super easy too according as below;

“Our God is an awesome God,He reigns from heaven above with wisdom, power and love. Our God is an awesome God.”

  • Pharaoh Pharaoh

This is a song sang by the Israelites while in captivity by the Egyptians. The song is good for the kids basing on it’s simplicity. The lyrics of the song go by; ” Well me and my people going to red sea with the best of Pharaoh’s army going after me. I took my staff, stuck it in the stand and all of God’s people walked on dry land. singing…….Pharaoh, Pharaoh whoa baby, let my people go.” For those of us who have read the story knows what happened next to the Pharaoh army. The song therefore teaches us to listen to the voice of God.

  • Peace like a river

The best about this song is the fact that it is an action song. Kids would really love this song and so are adults too. The agility in the lyrics enable the participants to move around and do some actions.

The lyrica go by;”I’ve got peace like a river. I’ve got love like an ocean.I’ve got joy like fountain in my soul.I’ve got peace like a river. I’ve got love like an ocean. I’ve got joy lke fountain in my soul.  This camping song goes hand in hand with the action, the major action are derived from the main keywords in the song:

  1. river-make a wavy motion with your hand
  2. ocean-spread your hands to show a tidal wave
  3. fountain-put your hands on your head then make a wave like motion towards the ground
  4. soul-touch the sole of your shoe
  5. love-cross your arms across the chest
  • kumbaya my lord

The song originally is read as, “come by o my lord” No camping goes without this song. The song uplifts the spirits as it is a great composed kind of. The lyrics are in the video below;

This song will leave you asking for more. These are the kind of christian camping songs that I love the most.

Great Summer Camp Songs for kids

One of the most endearing and sacred parts of summer camp is the campfire.  More than just wood lit with a match, it’s an intimate part of the camping experience that goes far beyond simply sitting around a fire.  Each camp has a set of traditions uniquely connected to the campfire experience and, to campers, each tradition is significant, demanding reverence.

The campfire is the very place where many children recall the moment when their camp transformed from “a camp” to “their camp”, where fellow campers and counselors become family while singing songs, roasting s’mores, and engaging in campfire activities.

“Simply consider the lessons I was taught by the campfire…every time the rich reward was the same as we simply sat and enjoyed our consuming creation. And, there was one aspect in particular that never failed to intrigue me, and that was the process of seeing the single small flame of the match spread to the kindling and then the twigs and then the smaller branches and finally the larger logs.

It didn’t dawn on me until years later, but this was the perfect metaphor for the creative process…Years later, I found myself running a network television division and then a movie studio and now an entire entertainment company. But, much of the success I’ve achieved can be traced to the direct and metaphorical lessons I learned in building those campfires.”

To some, to assign such significance to fire may seem a bit of a stretch.  But to anyone who has attended camp, it’s not only believable but apt.  Beyond Eisner’s metaphor, the campfire is symbolic of camp, and represents the bonding between campers and nature.  Campfires instantly evoke feelings of togetherness and promote an atmosphere of being together in an intimate setting that is unique to the people who are present.

Many camps hold opening and closing campfires to welcome campers and immerse them in the camping experience and to help them say goodbye at the end of the summer.  At the beginning of the summer, the flames represent the birth of a new summer.  Opening campfires often include some sort of ritual that introduces an idea or process that can be re-visited throughout the summer, such as setting goals for the summer or some sort of introduction and bonding activity with camp “siblings”.

The meaning of the flames, however, transforms at the end of the summer. The burning of a closing campfire represents the end of the season.  It’s a way to give the summer a proper and respectful send off.  Campfires held throughout the summer supplement overnight camping trips and special events.

When everyone gathers around the campfire, between making s’mores and telling scary stories, someone inevitably starts singing. Camp songs for kids are a longtime camping tradition. While singing them doesn’t always happen naturally, sooner or later everyone joins in. Camp songs help build camping spirit, let the kids loosen up and make great memories.

But to get everyone singing together, you have to pick the right song. Most camp songs for kids are ones that children already know with a repetitive chorus. “Repeat After Me” camp songs are popular. The leader of the group calls out a line from the song and the rest of the group repeats it back.

Funny Campfire Songs

  • On Top of Spaghetti”“On Top of Spaghetti” is a classic and funny campfire song that is vocalized to the tune of “On Top of Old Smokey”. This funny song will continue to be a campfire favorite for a very long time.
  • “Boom Chica Boom”“Boom Chicka Boom” is also one of many  funny campfire songs that seems to get everyone motivated and laughing. This song never gets old because the theme of the song changes with each style.
  • Hi, My Name is Joe”“Hi, My Name is Joe” is a very active song that will have you moving your body while singing the song. This song will  have the younger crowd exhausted in no time.
  • “Wishy Washy Washer Woman”“Wishy Washy Washer Woman” is one of many funny campfire songs that will have everyone actively moving through the varying song movements while singing the lyrics.
  • “The Hippo Song” “The Hippo Song” is a funny song for younger children. The lyrics in the song are easy for children to memorize.
  • “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” – “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” is an easily learned song that is one of many funny campfire songs. While singing the song, let the children pretend to be bears around the campfire.
  • “If You’re Happy and You Know It” – “If You’re Happy and You Know It” is a well known campfire song that can put a smile on your face at the end of the day.
  • “The Hokey Pokey”“The Hokey Poke” is a funny camp fire song that will have the everyone actively moving and dancing around, while singing the song lyrics.
  • “The Ants Go Marching” – “The Ants Go Marching” is a campfire song that many children love to sing. This song will have the participants actively moving while singing the song. This song is also useful for teaching children to follow directions.
  • “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”.  Row, Row, Row Your Boat” is another title on the list of funny campfire songs. This is a short tune that’s easy for all ages to memorize.

Awesome Campfire Guitar Music

There’s no feeling like sitting with your friends or loved ones around a campfire listening to one of you playing the guitar. This has always done it for me and has also been able to bring me and the friends together as we all chant the chorus together. I have personally loved some of the songs on the camping scenario. Let me share with you some of the guitar ideas and songs that can be great for you. Here are some of the ideas on guitar playing for campfire guitar music.

The song is the King, choose appropriately

The best campfire songs are what everyone knows and can join you to sing in unison. Never choose something that would offend other people or a song that you are the only person that can sing. Bring everyone on board with your choice of song for the experience to be more enjoyable. Let your song be singable too.

Have a variety, acoustic guitar kills but don’t stick to it.

Not only doess the guitar plays great music you can try other instruments too. Like the piano for instance or some other instruments like ukulele or probably brass. Don’t just stick to the guitar whic in a way can be combersome and boring. Variety turns the camping tempo on.

Bring with you a normal guitar and avoid expensive acoustic guitar.

Usually when you are in a new environment you never know what will happen or what kind of people are with you and therfore you are supposed to just carry a normal guitar to the place. Unpredictable places should be treated as such without the comfort of having your valuables there.

You are not sure of some of the campfire guitar songs to play, This list has always been the best for me and it has always been done wonders for me. This is the list and hopefully you will love the list too.

  • Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl.
  • Don McLean – “American Pie” …
  • Neil Diamond – “Sweet Caroline” …
  • Oasis – Wonderwall. …
  • Green Day – Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) …
  • Barenaked Ladies – If I Had $1000000. …
  • Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn. …
  • Loggins And Messina – Danny’s Song. …

You can choose from the list and have the one  that you like the most to play in your camping guitar music collection.

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